Clazziquai Project makes a return with Love Satellite

The multi-genre loving Clazziquai Project has made their return with a new single, Love Satellite, along with a music video to accompany it.

Thoughts under the break

The song already hooked me. Musically it is very 70’s in sound. Like a mix of funk and disco sound wise. The vocals are light, with Horan and Alex never really going above a simmer. The song does not feel rushed, yet it breezes through for me.  I could play this over the summer and love it. It fits all too well in a lot of my favorite songs.

Does anyone get a Get Lucky vibe, where it brings old school vibes to the present, without sounding dated? That’s what I am getting.

The video had me…off a little bit…until the end. The ending made it worth it. The video focuses on the story of an alien named Marvin who is on earth for some reason. From the dialogue, it seems that he has a vendetta against humanity; he being of pig descendant race is insulted by the fact that they eat pigs, and overall their treatment of animals (the end with dogs being pets, and eating other animals other than pigs). Ultimately there is nothing positive in his words. Then we get to the main point of the video, and we see that despite his hatred for humans, he is attracted to one. His “neighbor”, a young lady, is unaware that he is basically stalking her. This is a thing in a lot of Korean videos…

Anyway on his side Marvin is basically in like with her. Like he is dreaming about her, smiling in his sleep, becoming more aware of his appearance, and following her…creepy.

I do think he may not know the social implications of invading privacy and all that…because he is not of this planet, so I disregarded that creepy part…somewhat.

The ending was what sealed the deal for me. Originally I was worried that Marvin would get the girl even though he was creeping on her without her knowledge, and stalking and all that…instead she finds him…and is not at all pleased with what she sees.

In terror she screams and runs off. Shattering this fairy tale. With that we end with a confused and sad Marvin.

I felt some sympathy for him no lie.

I loved this because it does not end in a positive manner. There is no cliffhanger that could even hint that this could end well. It straight up showed she was terrified of his features and she runs away, leaving a shattered Marvin. I love it.

It totally just ruins what the song created and I am not even mad.

Anyway I think this was a smart video, a great song, and just a pow combination. This is my first time truly experiencing Clazziquai Project and I am not going to pass up the next one.


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