KuzzReviews: Hyomin’s solo debut should have never happened.

I will come out and say that I am not a fan of T-Ara. It has nothing to do with their struggles, but more so having to deal with me not caring about them. I am okay with that. Apparently they have good music, so maybe one day I will get into them. I don’t know.

However I am going to use their solo moments as a way to say I am getting to know them.

First was Jiyeon who gave us the sultry, but very depressing 1min 1sec, which was a part of a three song mini album called Never Ever. The ep was nice, and followed the main theme of heartbreak, however each song had a different feel to it. I appreciated that ep, and wished it did well.

T-Ara’s second attempt at a solo debut comes in the form of Hyomin. This time she is giving a more positive vibe musically.

But was it worth it?


Nice Body

I already expressed my thoughts on Nice Body. When I first listened to it I did not really see it for the song like that. It is an okay song, but nothing about it really stood out. The video did not really do anything for me as well. It was something I was not going to listen to again unless I had a reason to (aka this review). And then I read the lyrics…Brave Brothers…please…never do this again. What we will not do, is promote poor health choices and starving yourself…for a nice body. Get the fuck out of here.

Fake It

A pop ballad. I like it more than Nice Body, and Hyomin shines more here. Her voice is very girly, and sweet, so this seems more up her ally. Unfortunately it is not a strong enough track, and it sits between two messes of songs…


Plagiarism over a meh track.

I really have nothing positive to say about this album. Problematic on top of forgettable. A rather unlucky combination to be honest.


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