f(x) has returned…and YES

Bitch…let me tell you right now. I don’t care what you have to say…

SM may have been on the slip this first half of the year (with the exception of TVXQ), but they found themselves with f(X).

The irony.

After like four listens, I do hear things I am not a fan of. Intro to the first verse is sickening. Then we hit the pre-chorus, and the song want to swing left…and then the chorus is giving you a darker version of Jet melody wise. And then we get back to the original sound, and I am living again (SHOUT OUT TO LUNA AND AMBER SLAYING YOU). It just doesn’t seem to have been put together in a way that made it seamless.

The video is looks, and illuminati aesthetic, and I couldn’t be happier. The issue is that it looks like a storyline is somewhere in there, and it isn’t worth it. Plus the choreo looks a little weak to be honest. ¬†However…the aesthetics and looks just seem to do so much for me that I don’t care.

This song has what I wanted, but it does not seem that the producer could really make the sounds marry fully. So while each part was nice, it did not come together fully for me. Still the song is very exciting, and I am pumped for this.


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