f(x) continues to tease the hell out of us

The day has come. It is Midnight in South Korean which means that July 3rd is a new day. With that, f(x) will take to the stage and perform their latest single Red Light.

But that is all the way on the other side of the day. So to make up for that, SM decided to release another teaser pic…and…an album highlight melody video.

f(x) Red Light group teaser #3

Under the spoiler for all the other teasers!

Just from listening to this I am more than a little meh about the fact that the disconnect that I feared would happen is very much a reality. The teasers had a darker, sensual vibe. Especially that intro song…shit I may get my life. However the rest of the album sounds typical for f(x), which can be good and bad. Good as it never really hurts to stick with what you know. Bad because…well don’t tease what you won’t deliver.

Also spoil yourselves with the extended teasers for Milk and All Night.



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