YG gets hit by the scandal bug, unfortunately more severe than dating (opinion heavy)

2014 has been a rather giving year for K pop. In the span of seven six months, there have been more scandals than what usually exist in a year’s time frame. Most of them have hit Big 3 company SM, however now has taken a turn at fellow rival company YG.

Unfortunately, instead of a member leaving, or someone found to be dating, we have a drug scandal.

Yesterday it had been found out that 2ne1’s Bom had “smuggled” illegal drugs through international mail…in 2010.

These illegal drugs are Amphetamines. They can be used and prescribed in the states by a doctor for problems such as narcolyspy and ADHD.

However it should be noted that this is not all they can be prescribed for.

However they are illegal in South Korea. And there in lies the first issue.

Second it had been reported that no charges were made, no real investigation was done. It happened, and then didn’t.

YG was not a small company; they had a few successes before, and in 2006, had hit it big with Big Bang. 2009 brought 2ne1, who had a very successful debut. This could have easily kilt their careers. So there is a possibility that they may have used some influence to keep it under wraps.

Or…it was simply just not big of a deal when certain information was discovered. Not even a day later it had been found out that Bom had a prescription from while she was in the US, and she was just sending it to her new place of residence.

Now why is this being brought up four years later?

Well some assume it is to hide the fact that the government is doing some mess they should not. I read something about a badminton court…which is trash if that is true (there is nothing concrete, so grains of salt for everyone).

Bom prays for you

As the day went on, more pieces of information had popped up. Bom had a prescription from the states, and she was just having them fed-exed.

Then YG posted something, basically saying that Bom had been prescribed them to help her some odd years ago, and she was just getting her refill. 

After reading that, I was done. I could not step into that zone because of how messy it can be. Mental health and drug use is such a sticky situation, and we as the masses are steering into someone’s life that they may not want us to be in.

At first it was suspect that the case was not even made, and Bom got off clean. But now that suspense is kind of disappearing. Too many fish bigger than this.

It is a little grey on Bom’s side because it does look a little shady. However…when finding out that Bom had been prescribed these drugs, I was over it. Like there is the answer, and if they can show proof than it is a non issue. I mean she may need to take an L, but I am not/was not gun ho about this. It does not seem worth it on a shallow level. There may be an issue of drug abuse of course, but that is a conversation that needs to happen between her, loved ones and professionals.

We will never know the fullest extent of this story, nor do I think we should. After what YG has said, I think that is the limit where we need to back off. What needs to be addressed is shit like mental health, and drug use, but I don’t know if K pop fans are truly ready for that step.

I do hope Bom is okay. Just moving away from the legal aspects of this (which once again, if Bom has to take an L, she should just do it), but this gives insight to something she may not have wanted us to know, and it is always hard to let people in on something that can never really go away like that.



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