SM gears up for another comeback with f(x) *pic heavy*

SM has had an rather rough year. Scandals, leaks, and meh music galore, it seemed SM was not going to catch a break. In the span of six months we have gotten a lot, and most of it has been more exciting than the music they have released. So with the first six months behind us, SM has moved on to their second girl group, the quirky f(x) and their tentative third album release.

f(x)'s "Red Light" group pics
f(x)’s “Red Light” group pics

The album is titled Red Light which is to be released July 7, 2014, and I am pretty sure that is the title of their album track?

The details of this comeback have slowly been released since it was officially announced last week.

We were told that the group would be releasing a full album, and the video on the 7th, however the group would be starting their promotional train on Thursday July 3, 2014 with a performance at M-Net Countdown.

Before all of that however, SM has basically flooded the masses with teaser pics. Since Thursday, SM has released a teaser for several hours.

By Saturday…we had over almost 40 teaser pics for just three members alone. Like shy one of 40. In sum there are 66 individual teaser pics, with each member having 13 to their name each, and one group .

Here are the full teasers for the entire group.

In the midst of all the pictures, SM has also released two audio teasers from the album, both non singles of course. One is labeled Milk. The other we don’t have a name for, but I just call it All Night Long.

And it does not seem to be ending right there. SM posted to the group’s official site the final teaser pic, with the words:

Warning! Five cats will make a surprise attack at 00:00 AM!

Now…it’s not a surprise if we know about it SM…but still all of this is more than what the rest of SM is getting, so the surprise argument still stands.

The Red Light era has not even started and SM has officially showed that they can do a lot for f(x). The only issue is that this is  just pre-album hype. We don’t have the album, the video, the stages yet. Everything can be going so well now, but then we get to the juicy part, and it falls flat. After listening to the two snippets, I worry that the album will be just a standard f(x) album. That would be fine, but with the teaser pics alone, I expect dark, slightly sensual, electronic, grooves. I want SM to take f(x) and push them beyond what they have given.

Hopefully, I am wrong, and the album actually does fit the teasers and we are not just getting the same thing again and again.

Source: f(x) official homepage via SM Entertainment


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