MBC has decided to ban lip syncing at Music Core.

Well folks, the day has come. 2014 has been plagued with some surreal moments in the first half. With all these scandals, I assume 

MBC has made it known that they are not about this lip syncing life, and they are cutting that shit immediately.

‘Music Core’ CP, “Singers who can’t sing live on stage do not have what it takes to be a singer. We will be thoroughly checking each MR submitted by the agencies and make sure that singers who only open and close their mouths will be gone from the stage.”

“Nowadays, ‘listening’ music has become the trend but there is still a discrepancy where those who sing live will continue to do so while those who don’t still don’t. Even if a group is centered around their performance, a singer should sing or rap live to satisfy the public.”



In all the jokes that can be made from this (and I have made a few), I honestly doubt this will do much. I mean outside of hearing the many awful singers that K Pop allows to happen, we know who was here to sing, and who was not. We just gonna hear all the awful that gets covered up. 

I mean I will be giving their youtube channel my views…but in the grand scheme of things, this does nothing. 

Still cannot wait to see how both the companies, groups, and fans handle this.

Sources: Naver, Netizenbuzz for translation


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