Bestie talks about their Hot Baby on their latest comeback

I have been avoiding writing up something about Bestie’s latest song Hot Baby, because I wanted the video.

Well…I should have just went on without it.

I love the song. It’s fun, and catchy. Very Summer appropriate. It doesn’t have the lasting oomph that Love Options, and even Thank U Very Much have…but it is not bad. I don’t see myself playing it once September rolls around, but I don’t think it is a bad effort.

What is bad is this video. See…my thing is…you watch videos where everyone is faking having fun…and…it’s obvious. I like the outdoor setting, and the whole picnic in the field is cute. But they really should have tried to do something else.

Eh well…Bestie has also released their first mini album, Hot Baby.


JYJ makes a return with the soft 2009 R&B sound Backseat

There are like three JYJ post in my drafts, but since the album is out, they won’t happen really.

Instead enjoy this video.

Okay…so this is my first experience with JYJ as a musical group. I could have listened to all the things that they as a group have done musically…but nah…I don’t really care.

This however is nice. It’s not outstanding, but I don’t hate it.

I like that the video makes sense…like it wasn’t cluttered in the way some videos can be. At least in my opinion. Things followed a line really well, and even when they returned to established parts

Anyway it’s nice, and probably sounds great on the album. Which I will hopefully review.

Hyuna’s new video for Red is out

Video first, opinions second

I loved *most* of the video.  One thing that made me go eh is the whole Egyptian scene.

Also the native call is a bit much. She does it live though which is messy as hell.

I have always had been meh about Hyuna. One one hand, I think she is an exciting addition to K Pop as a whole. On the other hand, she as a talent is exhausting to deal with. Great presence, just…listening to her is something I don’t like to do.

Never the less, I am fascinated by her, and occasionally her musical contributions.

For her sexy is not a concept, it’s her image. When you think of Hyuna, you automatically go to sexy. Which is leaps ahead of a lot of idols.  But that’s a conversation for another day.

Here is Hyuna’s Red. Her mini album, A Talk has also been released.


SM is really doing the most part 3: Taemin is getting a solo!

I don’t know if I even hit this as a topic, but yeah…Taemin is in the midst of getting ready to debut as a soloist.

His time in LA, over his birthday was spent learning choreography from Ian Eastwood, which basically confirmed it in the first place.

He will be SM’s second to have a legit solo debut (OST do not count), after Henry, who is in the middle of promoting Fantastic.

Now…let’s hit the opinions.

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KuzzReviews: Sistar delivery a breeze with Touch N Move

July 21st saw the return of one of K pop big girl groups, Sistar. When I first heard their title track I was a bit eh about it. In previous post, I expressed my overall fear that Sistar would release something completely them. And they did…

With the release of their title track, I was not exactly the happiest with it. It was not bad, but I believe they could have done better. Their latest mini album would have to convince me that this was not a wasted effort.

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