T-Ara’s Hyomin takes a stab at the solo spotlight.

I have made this comment before, but every time I hear something about T-Ara, I usually start off with “bless their hearts.”

Long story short: their careers took a hit with a bullying scandal when one of the members had abruptly left the group. While it was never officially to be proven true, the group’s reputation has taken a massive hit, and…well you can’t go on an article that mentioned them, and not see something negative. I mean…it got to the point that it spilled over into articles that have nothing to do with them.

They are a true K Pop scandal, and unfortunately it did a major number on their potential careers.

Despite the odds, the group continued on, and in the year of 2014, two Korean solos have happened. The first one was the heartbreak fest that was Jiyeon’s Never Ever, which gave one of the best videos of 2014, while the mini album itself was a not too shabby collection of songs that gave you different aspects of breaking up wrapped in three different styles of songs. The success of her comeback is out still out there for the judges to decide. Instead we move on to the next one.

Hyomin has been hinting, and teasing about a comeback for what seemed like a smooth two months (I’m almost certain we were getting teased about it in like late April), and now it has come.

Here is Hyomin’s promo track, Nice Body featuring Korean Rapper Loco.

Thoughts on the video and song after the break.

The song itself is nice. It’s made for the summer, nothing mindblowing. The song is produced by Brave Bros., and it sounds like it ; he is big on using slight funk and jazz elements in his music, giving it this groove. I am not a fan of T-Ara (nor do I hold any ill will against them), so this is really my introduction to them, like Never Ever was for me with Jiyeon. Vocally, she is typically nasally, and nonthreatening. She does nothing out of the ordinary. Loco gives a verse and it is nice. I don’t think nothing about this song particularly stands out, but at the same time, it is a nice song. A little forgettable, but everything wraps up to be a very cute song…even though I am sure the lyrical content suggest otherwise.

The video itself is the same. Very typical. It’s about a girl who is overweight, dreaming of what it would be like to be a little thinner and have a nice body. We get male gaze moments. Her working out at the gym, chilling at the pool, trying to give you face and body. Nothing really makes me go beyond saying it’s cute, like fifty times. I would have expected the video to be more considering it was labeled 15+, and a 19+ version was coming. But…eh.

Right now, Nice Body is okay. It does not feel as wild as I had imagined it. Very typical. Somewhat forgettable. It is just okay. Nice Body is only part of Hyomin’s solo debut. She has also released a mini album called Make-Up, which I will try to get reviewed as soon as possible. Be on the look out for that.


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