KuzzReviews: Got7 wants you to show them some love on Got Love (GOT♡)

Since their debut Got7 has been on the full promo steam trying to make it as a group. Their debut was not the greatest with a song like Girls Girls Girls. However their mini was nice enough for me, and allowed them to at least continue trying to prove themselves. In their time, they have traveled, performed in different countries, several magazine shoots, variety appearances, and a reality show…

JYPE is putting in the actual effort to make this group a thing.

With that, you can’t just leave them without trying to redeem themselves musically. So in the last few days of June, Got7 released their second mini album GOT♡  (pronounced Got Love).

Got7: Got Love

Review under the break!

U Got Me

This song is a terrible way to start the album but not because the song is trash. I like the beat, like it got the bop to it. If given to a more focused group then I would have been here for it. If anything JJ Project and Youngjae really prevented me from absolutely hating this song, especially on that final chorus they did. The issue I have has to do with the fact that you have terrible rappers holding onto a sizable portion of this song. Terrible rapping is such an unfortunate thing. Terrible rapping that takes over a majority of a song is something that I will not tolerate. Also the song really goes no where, which is only further proven with the addition of A.


A is easily one of my favorite songs off the mini, and so far in their career and that is saying a lot since I thought it was bland at first. The power of JYP strikes again. Got Love is very diverse soundwise, so this song does not really fit in the grand scheme, but after listening to the entire thing, it really feels like a better made song for the reason that JYP know what the fuck he is doing. Not to say the man does not fuck up, or that he knows everything right to do…but I tend to like his contributions a lot more when I listen to the album. The song sets limits for Got7 and they abide by it. The chorus is very simple and done well by Youngjae and JB. The singing verses are handled by Jr (who I want more of musically) and oddly Yugioh (I don’t know his name) who does a nice job when a limit is set. The raps are more vibrant which hides the fact they are not good at their assign positions. The only one missing is Mark, and I am okay with that.  Overall I am a fan of the song. Very vibrant, but still smooth.

 Bad Behavior

When I first heard this song, I was immediately over it. I liked how it starts, but then how it picks up into the chorus…I just started to fall out of love with it….only to get into the verses again, and completely become enamoured. But then the song started to pick up again, and we hit the chorus, and I am over it again. The song starts off so strong, and the way they handled the verses are sickening. That phrasing just works.  On top of that simple 808. Once again: sick. But then elements are added, and it kind of changes the song, and we hit the chorus…and it just…meh. This is another case of the song really going no where. The chorus is just go…go…right now…something in Korean. Simple, but not in the least bit effective this time. Also the lyrics are just eh.  I mean in a sense it works, but at the same time, if you are not this master writer, some times it is best to not really test how far you can go with a beat. It’s a very confusing song for me, and not in a good way.

Good Tonight

This is the song that the fans are screaming is better than A, and I am going to disagree. While A is very standard and not all that powerful as a song,  Good Tonight is just as average in my opinion. The beat is nice, but it is them that just make it a bore for me. They don’t go anywhere. They try to give you some falsetto, and it’s cute…but…eh. It does not have any flare.

 Forever Young

How To Love by Lil Wayne is such a nice song isn’t it?

The “A” remixes

The remixes are okay. but really not worth it. I liked the first one because it could be the accoustic version of the song and fit perfectly. The second remix (TOYO remix) was done by the same person who produced Good Tonight, who also did fan favorite Like Oh off their first ep. I prefer this beat more to Good Tonight, however it is way obvious they just laid the vocals of the original song on top of this beat, with very little regard in making it work. The third one is a standard party/club remix and it is trash. Moving on…


Got7 Got Love

I don’t know exactly where I sit with it completely. I don’t hate it…but overall, this could have easily been a better ep…if the group was a little more refined in their talent. Youngjae and JJ Project I do not doubt. Youngjae has a lot of room to grow in of course, but his purpose is to sing. He is not saddled with any other position. JJ PRoject has lead vocalist JB and former rapper turned standard vocalist Jr.. Jr. can sell what he is doing. JB is overall a more well rounded performer, and a good enough singer. Yugioh has a lot of potential and I can see something there. BamBam is okay…he is where you start to see the transition. He doesn’t sing often, and is your average idol rapper. Which says a lot. Then you have the other two…and yeah…

I’m not about to drag their names, because ultimately it is a group thing. The mini album is no different than their last one in terms of energy. It’s just as youthful as the last one, but the issue is now we have more non hard hitting songs, and they as a group are not adapting to it well enough. This is mostly on the side of the rappers, although I think the singers could step up as well. I think rapping is something that people look down. They think it is just fast talking on a beat. Nope…much more complicated. A good rapper is just like a good vocalist, their limits are far beyond what the average person can do, and they can adapt musically. Most idol rappers can not adapt. They can give you hard hitting, because that is easy (but you see the quality when you get a legit rapper on the scene), and maybe give you something softer but still energetic. It’s hard to find rappers that adapt musically in K pop. And Got7 is definitely not one of them. As for the singers, JB basically sung in the same way the entire time, Jr was a little weak, and Yugioh when he sung was nice, but he doesn’t stand out quite yet. Youngjae definitely was the highlight as a singer, but even then I want more from him.

Got Love did not make me fall for these guys, nor would I put this on repeat like I do with their first mini album. However it’s only their second shot, and I’m sure they (the group and their parent company) are trying to work out the kinks of the group musically. They want to be R&B and Hip Hop circa 2005, with some electronic sounds to give them an edgy slightly more current feel…and while that is an admirable sound, it may take some more time to get there. It is only Got7’s second shot musically, and it was not by any means terrible.

I just want more.

Got Love is a perfect example of when you set your parameters a little too wide, and cannot fully deliver.


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