SNSD’s MR. MR. covered by AoA, Girls’s Day, and Bestie

While in the middle of writing my mega-half way through the year mega post (Which some of y’all got to read a little early), I found out that there was a special stage for the ladies. Three girl groups (AoA, Girls’ Day, and Bestie) had come together to create a super-group to take on the likes of SNSD.

Did they succeed?

Find out my thoughts under the break!

I think they did well, but there are things that need to be noted.

I’m very picky, but I still think this was a good performance…

First off, too many people on that stage. Two of the groups only have four ladies, and AOA has seven total. So instead of just isolating a lady each from Bestie and Girls’ Day, it was decided to take three from AOA and let the other two groups keep all four of their members. This is only an issue for the simple fact that the stage looked too full. That is usually not a bad thing, especially when you have the entire stage basically doing the same thing. SNSD is big for their in sync style choreography, there for taking away some of the chaos. However with the little time they had to probably plan this, the execution got sloppy. This became noticeable for me when they did the circle movement in the dance break. They basically walked to their spots, and it was kind of jarring for me.

I’m kidding, but it was noticeable.

Also nine girls originally was pushing it, as everyone had to get a line in. Here, you have 11 ladies, and you eliminated an entire verse.

Energy wise, the entire group was not there for me. I mean there were some major standouts, in particular ChoA of AoA. She may not be as developed of a vocalist as Taeyeon, however she easily beat her in overall energy. There were other individuals that came in and gave it too you, but at the same time…they also got so little time I really could not get into them like that. ChoA managed to stand out simply because she came first.

Minah also did well (catch her on Tiffany’s high note).

Uji was a wasted opportunity. She was regulated to a minor part of the chorus, and when she tried to do Taeyeon’s high note, she faltered. You have an overall strong performer, and she hardly gets any play musically.

Overall though this is not a bad performance, I just think that too many people on that stage really hindered it. Most of them got like a line, and then were shuffled off. You could have cut this down, and given everyone a chance to really shine.

It also continues to prove what I think about SNSD, but we are not going to get into that.

So yeah…too many people held back and otherwise good performance.

What did you guys think?


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