Introduction and a semi-mission statement.


This is a new blog, and it is for….K pop!

Yes, if you are a fan of K pop, and you like reading pointless opinions about it, then this is the place for you. I have started this blog, several times, and each one I felt was a little more meh than the last. However with my last attempt I was definitely getting a groove, and I did not want to totally drop it. So instead, I am moving it over here. I think the overall look of wordpress is just cleaner than where I originally had it going for a minute, and it just works a little easier for me(?).

With all that being said, I do have too much on the other blog to not keep, so I am definitely going to be in the process of moving post from over there to over here.

If you want to view what I have done so far…

Same name and everything.

Once again, I will be moving post over here (with possible editing), and eventually that one will close. But for now, how are you?

I hope I you guys don’t completely hate me, and even if you just pass by, don’t be afraid to stop and comment.

So once again…Hello



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