KuzzReviews: Got7 wants you to show them some love on Got Love (GOT♡)

Since their debut Got7 has been on the full promo steam trying to make it as a group. Their debut was not the greatest with a song like Girls Girls Girls. However their mini was nice enough for me, and allowed them to at least continue trying to prove themselves. In their time, they have traveled, performed in different countries, several magazine shoots, variety appearances, and a reality show…

JYPE is putting in the actual effort to make this group a thing.

With that, you can’t just leave them without trying to redeem themselves musically. So in the last few days of June, Got7 released their second mini album GOT♡  (pronounced Got Love).

Got7: Got Love

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T-Ara’s Hyomin takes a stab at the solo spotlight.

I have made this comment before, but every time I hear something about T-Ara, I usually start off with “bless their hearts.”

Long story short: their careers took a hit with a bullying scandal when one of the members had abruptly left the group. While it was never officially to be proven true, the group’s reputation has taken a massive hit, and…well you can’t go on an article that mentioned them, and not see something negative. I mean…it got to the point that it spilled over into articles that have nothing to do with them.

They are a true K Pop scandal, and unfortunately it did a major number on their potential careers.

Despite the odds, the group continued on, and in the year of 2014, two Korean solos have happened. The first one was the heartbreak fest that was Jiyeon’s Never Ever, which gave one of the best videos of 2014, while the mini album itself was a not too shabby collection of songs that gave you different aspects of breaking up wrapped in three different styles of songs. The success of her comeback is out still out there for the judges to decide. Instead we move on to the next one.

Hyomin has been hinting, and teasing about a comeback for what seemed like a smooth two months (I’m almost certain we were getting teased about it in like late April), and now it has come.

Here is Hyomin’s promo track, Nice Body featuring Korean Rapper Loco.

Thoughts on the video and song after the break.

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SNSD’s MR. MR. covered by AoA, Girls’s Day, and Bestie

While in the middle of writing my mega-half way through the year mega post (Which some of y’all got to read a little early), I found out that there was a special stage for the ladies. Three girl groups (AoA, Girls’ Day, and Bestie) had come together to create a super-group to take on the likes of SNSD.

Did they succeed?

Find out my thoughts under the break!

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Introduction and a semi-mission statement.


This is a new blog, and it is for….K pop!

Yes, if you are a fan of K pop, and you like reading pointless opinions about it, then this is the place for you. I have started this blog, several times, and each one I felt was a little more meh than the last. However with my last attempt I was definitely getting a groove, and I did not want to totally drop it. So instead, I am moving it over here. I think the overall look of wordpress is just cleaner than where I originally had it going for a minute, and it just works a little easier for me(?).

With all that being said, I do have too much on the other blog to not keep, so I am definitely going to be in the process of moving post from over there to over here.

If you want to view what I have done so far…


Same name and everything.

Once again, I will be moving post over here (with possible editing), and eventually that one will close. But for now, how are you?

I hope I you guys don’t completely hate me, and even if you just pass by, don’t be afraid to stop and comment.

So once again…Hello